A New Integris

Web Servers and Network Hardware

Integris Hosting has recently invested in obtaining better hardware for our clients. Our hosting customers are adopting these changes without changes to your current setup or package pricing. Dedicated server customers now have a wider selection of devices to choose from that allow us to closely meet your diverse needs and price ranges.

Green Power

We have also obtained more diversity on our green power generation. Now instead of having a majority of our power coming from solar panels we are also getting large amounts of our power to host web sites and email off of wind and hydroelectric generators.

Better Backbone

Our network has also gotten better over the last few months. We can now offer nearly flawless hosting uptime. Our new network has redundant gigabyte backbone connections giving us the unprecedented ability to offer nearly 100% website uptime.

Total Support

As always at Integris Hosting we take pride in our customer satisfaction policy. We want want to provide a web to you that is easy care free. Our packages include features and options that most companies charge extra for. Our software gives you all the options you need to manage every aspect of your hosting. We offer proactive support by keeping your website up to date with the latest versions of software and security scanning. Even if you do not have anything to do with the Internet but you or your company  need a website, you want Integris Hosting.